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DVLC Scooter Club History*

Way back in 1992, there were a couple of local Scooter Clubs including the Colchester Lambretta Club. A bunch of Vespa riders decided they'd like to join the Lambretta Club, but for obvious reasons, were decidedly not allowed!

Undeterred by this minor inconvenience, they STILL wanted to join, despite their 'Vespa' status, and formulated a technical plan to infiltrate...

One quiet evening a north Colchester pub, the Colchester Lambretta Club members were meeting, chatting over warm ale (and smoking fags INDOORS!), when a noise began to gain attention outside... the outlaws had arrived!

A flock of Vespa and Lambretta riders alike descended on the pub, bought pints of beer, and sat down amongst the Lambretta Club members in a jolly friendly way, and plied the Lambretta Club members with as much beer, fags and jolliness as they could possibly handle.

Once the alcohol and jolliness had been fully absorbed, the Club was presented with an offer they couldn't possibly refuse - a sales pitch that forced them to think of all the things they could achieve - once they signed their name to the newly formed Colchester District Vespa and Lambretta Club!

So was formed the Colchester DVLC!

*A slightly enhanced version of events, but why let reality get in the way of a fine story? ;-)

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